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2:Can I cancel an order once I have submitted it ?
Orders which have been placed cannot be cancelled.
Please review your order carefully before placing it.

3:What should I do if the order confirmation email fails to arrive ?
If a confirmation email has not arrived within three business days (excluding Saturdays, Sunday, and national holidays), please let us know through our Inquiry Form.

4:Can products be reserved or placed on hold ?
We regret that they cannot.

5:Do you offer gift wrapping ?
We regret that we do not offer gift wrapping.

6:How old do I have to be to place an order ?
If you are under 18 years old, you will need the permission of your guardian to make a purchase.

7:Can I use a promo code on the items that are on sale ?
Yes. But certain restrictions apply.

8:Do you produce a catalog ?
Unfortunately, we do not produce a catalog.
However, we are constantly updating new products to our online store, and we hope you can enjoy shopping here.

9:I have something I want to tell you when I make an order, how can I do this ?
If you have a message for us, a question, or if there's something you don't understand, we ask that you let us know before you make an order, not when you're placing your order.

When you order through the shopping cart, there is an area for you to write requests on the shipping page, but if you write a request here that we cannot fulfill, you will need to cancel, and then re-place your order.

This process can take some time, and during that time the items you have selected may sell out. If you have any questions or things you want to tell us, we would be happy if you could contact us ahead of time via our inquiry form.


1:Can I pay by credit card ?
We accept Credit card payments.
Visa、Master、JCB、Diners and Amex are available to use.

2:What payment methods are available ?
We accept your purchases with your Credit Card or through " PayPal ".

3:Can I order using payment on delivery ?
We cannot accept payment on delivery items.

A・Shipping and Return

1:Where do you ship from?
We ship worldwide and we ship from Japan

2:How much is the shipping fee?
We can send all over the world!

3:Can I specify a day or a time for delivery?
You cannot specify a date, or time for delivery.


4:How long will it take for the order confirmation email to arrive?
The email will be sent within 3 business days after your order is received.
Please note, we will not be able to confirm orders made on Saturday, Sunday, or on national holidays until the next business day.

5:Can I check the progress of items which are being shipped?
Free International Shipping

We will send you a tracking code in the confirmation if shipping email.

You can check the progress of your items by entering that code on the ePacket.
Website "

6:Do you accept insurance?
Rates of insurance is included .

A・Receiving Orders

1:How long will it take for my items to arrive ?

Items are sent from within Japan, and will take around 11 to 23 days to arrive.
The length of time it takes items to arrive will depend on their destination.
The number of days stated here is only an estimate, and we ask for your understanding in cases where it may take more time for items to arrive.

※ For detailed information, please refer to ePacket.
Website "

2:Can I return items I have purchased ?
We cannot accept returns or exchanges based on a customer's personal preferences.

Please check your order carefully before placing it.

3:What should I do if I receive a defective order.
If the item you condition defective we will change the item.

Please send us detail via our inquiry form in 30days after reciving the item.

Please note that we cannot exchange your item if it's over 30 days after the item arrived or if the item has been worn.


4:What should I do if the item is not the item I ordered, or if items are missing ?
We ask that you contact us via our " Inquiry Form " within 30 days of receiving your order.

5:What should I do if I didn't receive an order which was sent to me ?
Online shopping is only possible because of the trust shared between our company and you, the customer.

If you received a delivery slip for an item, and such a longtime passes without you accepting the item that the order is cancelled or sent back, we may not be able to sell to you in the future.

6:What delivery company do you use to send orders ?

We use EMS (Express Mail Service)  to send your order.