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About us

Welcome to Card Collectors.

I am Shinsuke.

I live in Japanese.

I am doing the shops of Yu-Gi-Oh Card.

we are specialty store for Japanese Rare YuGiOh Cards and Collection Item.

From more than 20 years in 1998 , it has been a collector of the Yu-Gi-Oh .

Are attracted to the charm of the trading card , like the unusual things , from the Yu-Gi-Oh card of Bandai version , it has attracted Konami Yu-Gi-Oh cards

By the time of the students , was opened a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh , I met for the first time of the error card .

The number of Yu-Gi-Oh card is worth less .

When can help you in your collection , we hope . 

We can send all over the world.

Item,will be shipped from Japan.